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Our experienced and passionate engineers are at the service of customers. We value our customers' needs and and we do everything in our power to intervene as quickly as possible.


We seek to build a strong and lasting relationship of trust with our clients. We will always favour sustainable solutions in collaboration with our clients. We attach great importance to confidentiality aspects in our projects, allowing us to deal with all stakeholders in complete security.


The geographical proximity of our clients greatly facilitates exchanges with their teams and partners. We encourage face-to-face meetings to to move forward as efficiently as possible.  


EDGEMTech has a fully managed infrastructure in Switzerland. Data security at the client software level is of utmost importance to us. Our development infrastructure allows us to share code with our customers in a fully confident and safe way.


We maintain a very close relationship with the HEIG-VD, which gives us access to cutting-edge technologies and a vast network of experienced engineers in various fields. We can also put you in touch with the right people if your are interested in innovation projets.

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