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Technologies in embedded systems

Some of key technologies we deal with at EDGEMTech ...

(Real time) Operating Systems

Linux is definitively our favourite operating system. It is robust and highly customizable for embedded devices. FreeRTOS, ZephysOS, SO3 are examples of embedded OS we can deploy in standard or customized ways.

Realtime capabilities is achieved by means of various configurations including a patched Xenomai extension which enables hard real time with Asymmetric Multi-Processing (AMP).


Hardware interfaces and protocols

Today, the embedded devices ecosystem expose a lot communication protocols and hadware interfaces to sensors, actuators, etc. At EDGEMTech, we have the competences to deal with a wide panel of interfaces such as used in the home automation, industrial IoT or decentralized systems.


Continuous Integration & Deployement (CI/CD)

Our gitlab infrastructure enables continuous integration and deployment over all our development projects. Automatic unit and integration testings help us to prevent  regression as much as possible when changes are made in source code.

If you are interested in gitlab or github CI/CD, we can help you in setting up such an infrastructure.


Embedded virtualization and containerization

Highly securized execution environments can be achieved by means of virtualization and containerization technics. We are using ARM virtualization support to secure and to manage heterogeneous environment running multiple operating systems on a same SoC.

Micro-services orchestration & deployment

Orchestration of services plays an important role in cloud architecture where applications & services are deployed over thousands of virtual machines and have to remain maintenable. This scenario is obviously highly relevant to embedded systems (think about IoT devices). However, there is no out-of-the-shelf solutions ready to work in limited or constrainted embedded platforms and it requires deep customization of the environment.


Customized root file system

Embedded systems may have limited resources and do not have enough space storage to store a full Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. Thanks to tools like buildroot, it is possible to have a compact customized root file system which also leads to faster boot time.


Embedded Graphical User Interface

If you need to have an embedded GUI, we can help you in making your platform work with the LVGL library whih is the most popular free and open-source embedded graphics library to create beautiful UIs for any MCU, MPU and display type.


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