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EDGEMTech SA has been founded in April 2022 by Prof. Dr Daniel Rossier as a spin-off of the Reconfigurable Embedded Digital System from HEIG-VD. Our office is located at the Y-Parc technopole site in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

EDGEMTech is complementary to HEIG-VD in the sense that its concern is to help companies to go beyond the realization of a prototype, to industrialize a software solution for embedded systems, to maintain them and to adapt them to the evolving needs of companies. In this perspective, EDGEMTech is at your disposal to make innovative solutions and methodologies sustainable.

At EDGEMTech, we believe that embedded software development requires multidisciplinary competences and knowledge in low-level programming, hardware interfaces and microcontrollers.

We want to support companies active in

business specialties where embedded

computing is not their core business, but

which have needs in connected objects or

embedded systems of all types.

Today, there are about 30 billion connected objects in the world, with an annual growth rate of 20%. They are everywhere! This means that the diversity of systems and their interoperability pose real challenges.

At EDGEMTech, we want to support companies in creating new high value-added products by providing our know-how on software aspects related to embedded systems that are not directly related to their core business, such as driver, bootloader or firmware development, wired or wireless communication, security of the execution environment, upgrading to newer versions of the OS, deployment and orchestration of services in a park of thousands of objects, etc.

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