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Software Development

Our engineers are qualified to develop a complete software solution for your embedded system whatever the platform type and the application domain.

Our development methods and workflows allow us to quickly and cost-effectively create a solution that meets your exact needs.


Although our expertise is mainly focused on the ARM family of microcontrollers, we can also undertake development on X86 (Intel, AMD) targets.

Our deep knowledge of the Linux kernel allows us to develop, to backport or to upgrade drivers for any kind of devices (framebuffers, sensors, actuators, communication modules, etc.).


Furthermore, we have experience with (low-level) hard realtime execution environment in symmetric-/asymmetric operating systems.

EDGEMTech promotes the use of free software open source as much as possible and manages coexistence with proprietary licenses.

Finally, we attach great importance to our DevOps methods so that all our projects can have appropriate CI/CD pipelines, in our infrastructure, to ensure a high quality of our developments

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