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Embedded Software Engineering


EDGEMTech SA is a Swiss company specialized in embedded software engineering and consulting for your embedded systems.


Embedded software is at the heart of our know-how.


EDGEMTech is completely free in its technological choices. 

Our services

The customers are at the center of our concerns. We know to adapt ourselves to their needs and respect their working methods. Our commitment is worthy of their trust.

Nos services

Embedded software in various boards with limited resources or more complex and powerful environments

Support to engineering teams in design, coding, testing, validation, documentation, etc.

Porting of Board Support Packages on any boards, migration to recent versions of operating systems and applications

LVGL Certified Developer - light@3x.png

Unlock Premium Embedded GUI Solutions with EDGEMTech

EDGEMTech is proud to announce that we are the first LVGL Certified Developer Company. This prestigious certification underscores our commitment to excellence in embedded GUI development and grants our customers exclusive benefits, including high-priority access to LVGL.

Why Choose EDGEMTech?

  • First LVGL Certified Developer:
    As pioneers in LVGL certification, we bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to your projects.

  • High-Priority Access: Our certification ensures that you receive top-tier support and early access to the latest LVGL updates and features.

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Leverage our advanced knowledge in LVGL to create intuitive, high-performance graphical user interfaces tailored to your needs.

Choose EDGEMTech to elevate your embedded GUI solutions. Our unique position as an LVGL Certified Developer ensures you receive the best in quality, support, and innovation.

Integration of heterogeneous systems with different protocols, interfaces, algorithms, etc.

Deep ingestigations of complex bugs using emulated environments and advanced technics

Training and coaching engineers and end users on edge computing and innovative solutions

« The EDGEMTech team brings a rare combination of deep technical expertise and extremely good communication to our projects.  Their quality is second to none and they have been an essential extension of our teams throughout the hardware design and development process. »

Neal Lober


FactorySense RFID


Learn more about us.

If you think we might help you - in a way or another - in your activities related to embedded software, we would be more than delighted to visit you, at your premises or by Teams as you like. We can arrange a demo tailored to your interests.

Do not hesitate one more second!

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